Add Comments to PHP File

There are two methods to add a comment to a PHP file: multi-line comments and single-line comments.

Method 1: Multi-Line Comments

Multi-line comments, also known as block comments, are added to PHP files using the following structure: /* multi-line comment */

For example, a PHP file would look like this:

Comment title
Comment description.

Method 2: Single-line Comments

Single-line comments can be added using the following format: // single-line comment

For example, in a PHP file it looks like this:

// single line comment

You can include both single-line and multi-line comments in a PHP file by using their associated syntax. For example, if you want to describe a function in a PHP file, you could use the following structure:


Make sure user doesn’t exist 
Prior to user registration 
   // notify of existing user

} else {
   // register user


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