Client Can’t Access Google Analytics Property

I recently ran into an issue where I shared access to a Google Analytics account with a client but the client said that she was unable to access the website/property that was shared. So, my client can’t access Google Analytics Property, what do I do? I went through the following process to diagnose the issue in an attempt to find a solution.

  1. Maybe I shared the property with the wrong email address? Nope, I checked this and it was definitely the right email address.
  2. Maybe she didn’t click on the right link? She’s supposed to go to http://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/. Nope, I asked her this and she clicked on the right link.
  3. Maybe she has multiple websites in her GA account and doesn’t know how to navigate between them. She needs to click on All Website Data at the top of the page. Then, she needs to select the property from the list that shows up. Nope, I asked her this and she knows how to navigate the different GA properties.
  4. Maybe she didn’t login with the right email address? When she goes to that link above, she needs to login to Google Analytics using the email address that was added to the Sharing permissions. If she doesn’t do this (or is logged in to a different email address, she wouldn’t have the appropriate permissions). YES, this was the issue. She was logged into the wrong email account and couldn’t see the property that was shared with a different email address.

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