Nano Editor Cheat Sheet

I have found the first 8 Nano Editor functions listed in the nano editor cheat sheet below to be the most valuable in the work I’ve done as a DevOps engineer.

Ctrl x – Close the file

Ctrl o – Save the file

Ctrl w – Search for a string in the file you’re editing

Ctrl space – Go forward one word in a line

Alt space – Go backwards one word in a line

Ctrl a – Go to the beginning of a line

Ctrl e – Go to the end of a line

Ctrl w + Ctrl v – Go to the last line of the file

Ctrl + k – Cut the current line and save it to nano ‘s clipboard.

Ctrl + Shift + 6 – Select text. You can then copy or cut that text.

Ctrl + u – Paste the text from nano ‘s clipboard.

For those who don’t know, you can edit a file with the nano editor via your terminal using the following command:

nano filename.php

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