Update Plugin in WordPress Plugin Directory

Now that you have added your plugin to the WordPress directory, there are many circumstances that warrant updating your plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. For example, you will likely need to make updates to your plugin as WordPress updates core versions, whenever you add additional functionality, whenever you update tested up to versions, whenever you update the branding of your plugin, etc.

The following two steps have you covered if you ever add files to your WordPress plugin repository or simply make changes to your WordPress plugin repository.

Step 1: Pull in Changes to your WordPress Plugin

If you are working with other contributors on your WordPress plugin, make sure to pull their changes into your local repository before adding new functionality. You can do this by navigating to your plugin root directory and running the following command:

svn up

Step 2: Add files or images to your WordPress plugin SVN repository

If your ever add new source code files to the trunk directory, make sure to run the following SVN command:

svn add trunk/*

If you ever add new images to the plugin’s asset folder, make sure to run the following SVN command:

svn add assets/*

Step 3: Commit your changes to the WordPress plugin repository

After adding files or images or after simply making changes to any files/images that already exist in your WordPress plugin repository, you need to push your changes to the WordPress central repository. This can be accomplished by running the following svn command:

svn ci -m 'Updating the functionality of my plugin'

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